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Inauguration day!

28/06/16 we inaugurated the playground that has been under construction for a period of time. It was a very beautiful and fulfilling day to both us as staff at Kids of Uganda and the entire group of people that participated in the process of ensuring that the playground is completed. It is very heart-warming to be a part of a winning Project.

This day was a joyful day whereby we recognized the children in the region and properly highlighted their right to play!

Because this inauguration day was very important to us, we decided to celebrate it together with every member of the Bubulo community including the children, parents and the community leaders of Manafwa district like the Residents’ District Commissioner, who was our guest of honour; the Inspector of schools, the district Physical Planner who helped in the allocation of the land on which the play ground was allocated, the police in charge   of children’s affairs to mention but a few.

The day was full of poems, songs, performances and sketches. All these activities were high lighting the theme that was “right to play”.

We also had to listen to speeches from different guests and it was amazingly colourful and very beautiful. The community has an added site for the affairs of children and we are honoured and privileged to be a part of the team that is working together with the community leaders to make livelihood for children in Bubulo better and worth living through play!

Major thanks and gratitude to the play without borders organisation for providing the plan that we used to construct the playground. I also thank both my work mates, Astrid and Louise who started to put the puzzle together in collaboration with Daniel, Amie and others!

Last but least, I thank my Ugandan team: Kangala James, Kakai Krystyn and Samuel Sendagire for helping finish up the work. It was because of the great teamwork that we successfully brought this great project to completion.

The people of Bubulo send their greetings and gratitude to the fundraisers in Sweden and the whole Kids of Uganda community for giving such a wonderful gift to the children of Bubulo in particular, Manafwa as a whole and Uganda in general.

Major thanks!
Katumbulu Patrice

The guest of honor, the RDC addressing to the people.


Happy kids playing and enjoying


Students from T&M school performing.


James tells the guests about the importance of the play ground and urges them to protect it for their good.

Kids climbing

Kids were playing and feeling joyful.

Police officer speeking

The police officer in charge of children’s and family welfare gives a speech at the ceremony.

Enjoy the colors of the playground

Last week we started on painting the playground so that it is finished and ready for the grand opening!

In the start, our arrangement was for a workshop and inauguration of the playground as an item on the same day. But this had to change because we wanted to focus on the children’s right to play. For those who read the previous posts in regards to the workshop will recognise that I had written about us preparing a workshop about childrens rights. For as much as that is of great importance, it will not push through as earlier planned since we have decided to just focus on the inaguration of the playground and hightlight on the importance of the children’s right to play.

This event will be celebrated with lots of activities and performances. Not only children have been invited on this day, but also District officials, Head Teachers from various schools, the police ifficers in charge of children’s rights and elected representatives of the District political structures.
And since preparations are still on going, I will have to get more information for the readers as the days unfold 😉

Kids FU-staff together with other children’s rights activists in the region, got together and started working on the final phase on the playground which is painting; and I am glad to report that it has been an awesome experience and a very fulfilling activity to be  part of ☺

Our friends who we are working with are professional artists and also children’s rights activists- and this makes us best partners since we are all working towards the same and common goal which is the welfare of children in regards to spending their leisure time fruitfully.

Our collaboration has been very helpful and thanks to it, we have been able to produce more creative work than we expected. The play ground is very child friendly and attractive and we are very sure the children will like it.

We have painted almost everything in relation to the themes provided by ’The Play without Boarders Project’, and we are now working on decorations.
I am happy and relieved about this project and it’s impact in the village of Bubulo.

Now enjoy the pictures 😀

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The playground almost finished!

Another week is gone and playground project is nearing its end. Just to update you on last week’s job on the playground. Everything has gone really fast, had not expected such commitment and hardwork from the workers given. Despite the rain and slightly chilly weather, the engineer David and his workers worked hard inorder to complete their task.

Work has progressed fast and now we are done with all construction work. ”The City” part that was the only part that had not been built is now finished and the last few days, we have been working to repair the parts that had small corner boards on, that is on the ’Mt. Elgon’. Everything is now left to dry before finishing with the last task – that is painting. The engineer David said it should be allowed to dry for at least a week and a half so that the paint must be sustainable.

Meanwhile, as we wait for it to dry, we have been planting some flowers around it  to ensure minimum unnessecary passage by the locals on the play area. The goal we have is that we will dedicate the playground on the day of the workshop which will take place at the end of the month. More about the workshop will be in the next post.

When I went to the village to inspect and ask how the work was going later this week, I was welcomed by some parents with very positive thoughts and gratitude that we  have been able to build the playground for the children in the village. This gave me a positive feeling that I kept the rest of the day. ☺

It always gives me joy and motivation to hear from the villagers that they recognize and appreciate our work and this playground is truly one of the organization’s many projects that show that we value children’s rights and most importantly and especially in this case the children’s right to play! I’ll update you on the painting when it’s done!

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Playground project!

At last, the final touch on the playground has taken off!

On Monday, I together with James who is our fieldworker, had a meeting with engineer David and settled on the construction of The city, the last part of the playground project.

Since I came to Uganda, I have had several meetings with engineers in regards with when the playground will be completed so that it is ready for opening. I and the whole team of Kids of Uganda have been very concerned about the length that this project has taken on ground without completion.

I am pleased that the work is going well and so far the job is going as we have now planned. It is already nearing completion and we all are very excited. 

Our plan is that we are to finish the city and start directly with repairing the damages on the other two parts that were done earlier. Many of these damages have occurred because the people in the village have been grazing their cows and other animals at the playground area all through and efforts to make them stop has fallen on deaf ears.

For this reason, we have began working towards trying to find or choose a commitee that will later take charge of the protection and maintainance of the playground when it is finished and ready for use. Our plan with the playground is that it should be used for that purpose for which it is made for and not something else.

The focus we have now, is to finish building city and then fix the small lesions located in both sugar cane and some parts of Mt. Elgon and replace a few tyres from the River Manafwa.

Good news is that everything seems to be going as planned. Feels even good that I, together with the workers and all staff, have good communication amongst ourselves and this has made the work easier than I had imagined because consultations on everything including, additions and changes is reliable and readily available. It’s a collective effort and as they say, together we can!

Patrice K

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Update about Ivan

I want to start by thanking everyone involved in helping Ivan and trying to make what is possible to do what is necessary in order for him to get well. Since last post that we gave about Ivan, we have been struggling with Ivan’s health, and we are working around the clock to try to get him examined by a medical specialist.

On the other hand, the interception with Ivan at the moment is progressing well. The boy’s condition has not changed much but he, now can have some affection and presence from his relatives which we think will help him recover faster as he always has people around him to support him and attend to his needs.

Last week, we took him to hospital again – he was to be started on his physio-therapy massages and treatment but to our dismay, the doctor assured us that his limbs can not be improved as they have become immobile completely; he suggested that only surgery could help the limbs to become a little flexible. However, according to the therapist, the back could be helped to straighten out from the physio-therapy and frequent exercise. The crookedness of the back can therefore be improved over time, he said. With this assurance, he suggested a few remedies and practices that Ivan has to be subjected to for positive results to be achieved. For starters;

1. Ivan was to be put on to a special diet that facilitates easy digestion and soft stool so that he doesn’t have to insert alot of pressure on his spinal code. 

2. Secondly, the doctor suggested that a customized wheel chair be made for Ivan to facilitate his back rehabilitation process. This we, I and Kristyn placed an order with another doctor who is in charge of making and distributing the wheel chairs to the disabled persons at the hospital. 

3. Additionally, because Ivan’s teeth are almost all rotten and cause him pain occasionally when eating food and brushing, the doctor suggested that he be presented to a dentist.

4. Having an option of operating on his eyes was doctor’s other recommendation but there is no guarantee that he will be able to recover his sight. This however, he said was optional since it would just complicate the condition. So basing on the above, we have been looking around for an alternative institution that can help rehabilitate Ivan in this condition. We shall keep you updated on this as soon as we have the information.

Ivan Ivan

However, Ivan has not been feeling very well over the past few days  and need constant care. His condition is being observed and closely monitored by his brother who keep updating us on the developments as they occur from time to time.

Thanks for the support that many people have given. Your support shows love and compassion to both Ivan and the children in his condition. Through Ivan, we have been able to identify and recognize other children who also suffer just like him.

I believe that togetherness is power, if we stand together for these children, we will be able to tackle this situation. All children deserve to be treated equal.

I thank everyone for supporting! Please continue to support this work in all ways that are possible.


Patrice K

Sipi Falls

In the past week, we received visitors at Kids Foundation Uganda, two students from Sweden-Linea and Sara.

When Linnea and Sara got here, they were so excited about what we do and immediately decided to go with us to Bubulo the next day for a visit. It was a great day and all of us had a good time there; the girls were so happy about the beautiful village life, they were mesmerized by the lovely green plains and the fresh air- the perfect and homely ambience at the children’s home. They had finally come in contact with natural at its best which is a perfect package in Uganda.

After long intensive weeks of hardwork at various projects and assignments, we decided to relax and unwind and there was no better way to do this other than take a hike given the rainy season that has set in and hiking it was. On Sunday the same week we decided that we should go for a hike. And the girls were excited about the idea and we all looked forward to it like our whole lives depended on it!

Uganda is a really nice country with very beautiful nature. There is really a lot to see and experience here in Uganda, and one of those things is the Sipi Falls of Kapchorwa.

Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda in the district of Kapchorwa, northeast of Sironko and Mbale. We traveled from Mbale and the distance was worth it. The waterfalls lie on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border.

The day began with a lot of rain which made us all anxious. We did not think we would go ahead with hiking because the rain. But nothing seemed to stop us from hiking that day. We braved the heavy down pour all the way to the new waterfall on the opposite side of the usual water falls which is characterized with the famous activity known as absailing. Even though we kept falling on and off track, everyone was expectant and looked forward to the fun ahead ☺. This activity went well and fast and soon we were trailing again to the real hike of the sipi falls.

The ground was so soft and slippery and all this made it more fun and increased everyone’s adrenaline power and off we went into the vegetation; up the wet hilly slopes and forest cover in persuit of fulfilment and relaxation, haha. Because we were hiking a down-up mode, the challenge was soon felt but no one of us was willing to give up and miss whatever nature had to offer that day. From the water falls, to the natural swimming pool and later a muddy road that we had to trek all the way to the van that failed to make it to where we were suppose to meet because of the bad murram road. After along walk coupled with slight falls and numerous cheers from the little kids in the village, we were soon seated in our van and ready to return to mbale amidst jokes, laughter and songs above everything else 😉 

Interesting how a little day’s adventure changes one’s mood, we returned feeling very happy for having made it through the complete hike trail against all odds. Thanks to the courage, no one thought about the rain, but the experience we would get. And it paid off with profits doubled and flowing over!

Nothing beats a determined mind and prepared heart- we managed to do it amidst rain. Because come rain or shine, we we had made up our minds to unwind and relax well knowing that we had another long week awaiting us to start from where we left off.

We visited all three major water event in Sipi. Nature is amazing and the experience was amazing.

happy group waterfall on a bridge happy group of kids and adults

The shocking experience of a dying child

Yesterday it rained very heavily in Bubulo. During the same same day, there were elections and the entire town center was packed with people. Krystyn and i had alot of meetings planned for preparation of Kids of Uganda’s upcoming events. Early in the morning she was called to Livingstone’s school and so we had to cancel the morning sessions of the meetings. As she went to atttend to that, i had to wait in Bubulo for her to return. While waiting it started raining and i went to a shade at one of James (our filed worker) friends shop to take shelter from the rain.

Shortly, i recieved a phone call from Krystyn and she sounded very upset but i didn’t ask her what was troubling her because there were a lot of people at the shop discussing politics and others were promoting their candidates. Anyway, the phone call with Krystyn did not last long. But before we conclude the phone call, Krystyn told me that she had arrived in Bubulo but she couldn’t get off the taxibus. She explained to me further, that she wasn’t feeling very well and that she was to go back to Mbale right away. She asked that we meet in Mbale later on.

We agreed that i was to take the buss in the afternoon and meet her in Mbale. I was also supposed to move to Mbale from Bubulo the same day, so the timing was perfect. Around 4pm i took a taxi from Bubulo and arrived to Mbale around 5:30 where i took a bodaboda to where Krystyn waited for me. After my arrival, i met Krystyn and we made an order for tea, then after some minutes I heard a very shocking story from her. This story is the most shocking and saddest story I’ve ever heard in a long time.

The incident happened after she had been in Butiru primary school where she was called to attend to a kid’s school need. When she was done, she then took a taxibuss to Bubulo where I was waiting for her. The taxi was to make a stop at Bubulo and then continue to its last destination which is Mbale. In the Taxi, Krystyn sat beside a woman who was carrying a child on her laps. And it didn’t look so well. Hardly did she know that in a Short while, Krystyn was to experiance something unexpectably terrifying. After a while, Krystyn noticed that the child was sick and very uncomfortable and directly asked the mother what was wrong with the child. The mother responded that the child is very sick and was aneamic and needed a blood transfusion, and that was to be to be done at Mbale hospital nearly 46 km way. And this was an emergency but the hospital at Butiru didn’t have blood and thus refered her to Mbale Regional hospital.


 the distance from Butiru to Mbale is nearly 46 km and on the taxi, a journey like this might take at least two hours to reach to Mbale.

 Infrastructure is nothing to rely on in within these areas and another thing to know here is that the taxis in Uganda never departures until the customers are packed to the fullest. This offcourse makes it imposible for drivers here to save lives.

 Ambulance is always busy because of the needs. There is only one working ambulance for the whole district of Manafwa. It is not clear how many people that live here, but they are many. Poor people are even asked for petrol money before they drive them to the hospital.

Krystyn got panicked and told the driver to reconsider the fact that there is a mother with a very sick child that needs medical attention immediately. The response she got from the driver was worse than poison. He replied : this taxi is not an ambulance, if you want, you should wait until the taxi was pucked full or otherwise, get off the taxi! After a short while, the taxi was overloaded with people and it started moving. To the fact that the vehicle was overloaded with people, the sick child couldn’t breathe and therefore started to suffocate and the fact that it was lacking blood made the condition even worse.

But before the taxi could reach bubulo, that child gt worse and shortly after died in his mothers hands and the mother started screaming and crying. Krystyn was in a very big shock, terrified and brought to tears by the whole situation and didn’t know what to do at that same moment. Helpless and very sad she waited only to hear the driver shouting to the woman to keep quit and stop making noise in their taxi. She sobbed! Meanwhile the taxi arrived in Bubulo and that same driver had to look for another taxi that was going to an opposite direction, inorder to take the mother and her dead child back to their village. And its at that point that she, Krystyn tried to call me but she was too troubled to speak and so decided that we meet in Mbale instead.

After I heard about this from her, I was concerned by the fact that many children in this part of the country die without being given second chances. According to Unicef, dies 16,000 children under five in the world every day. Nearly half die during their first month of life. A whole one million babies die during their first days of life. Most die from diseases that are preventable, such as diarrhea and malaria. Even malnutrition and lack of clean water and sanitation also contribute to more than half of the deaths, just like the situation of the child who died yesterday.

Around the areas in Manafwa district where Kids of Uganda organisation is based, many children die everyday under any circumstance and this has become a culture that people are forced to accept because of poverty and other factors. We all wish we could do something after reading about these situations. But we still can’t deny the fact that wishing is still not action. Some people like Krystyn, who witnessed this incident could have wished to help but given the circumstances, everything seemed empty and hopeless. We who couldn’t help this child that I have just written about above, we can still help the children that are still alive but i suffer of the adult failure. May the soul of that child who lost his life at the age of 3 in a bus to the hospital, rest in good peace! And i hope we all take this in consideration and learn from it.

There are no excuses! My child is your child. We can all do something for someone! Especially for the kids! Because they are the future!

One Love

Patrice K

From Sweden to Kampala, Mbale, Bubulo


I can imagine that meny have been wondering how my trip went and how things are going for me down here, what I’ve done and how my health condition is. Below you will find most of the answers to the these questions. I arrived in Uganda on Tuesday 29 February. My first experience when we arrived at the airport was the heat. Imagine running away from minus 18 to plus 28. The feeling is indescribable, i think one must experience it to understand what I mean.

Anyway, after going past the immigration desk, I saw people outside standing with a sign with my name on it, then i knew that they were the ones sent by Astrid to pick me up. The people, were three very kind guys my age. They then drove me to the hotel where I spent two nights just within Kampala. On Wednesday the 3rd of March 8 in the morning, I then took a taxi to Mbale.

Best time to travel from Kampala to Mbale is around 7-8 hours, though alot of taxis or buses dont often travel that direction. The trip was long and it took almost 5 hours to reach Mbale. I must say the experience of traveling with public transport in Uganda is a unique experience itself.

My experience of Uganda so far is amazing. One thing I often thought about was the feeling of not being able to relax in Kampala. I was always warned to be alert and think of pickpockets when walking around in town. But thanks to Astrid, everything went well and it felt great to be on the safest side with someone who has good experience.

Wednesday, 3 February, I arrived in Mbale at about 12 mid-day and found Krystyn at the bus station waiting for me. A short time there after, Krystyns friend came and gave us a lift to Bubulo. Since then, the guest house in Bubulo became my home since then until when i moved to mbale after a week. Some challenges that i faced i the Bubulo that forced me to move to Mbale were among others, power outages and poor reception on the phone. This hampered the ability to communicate and the entire work was hard in this condition. But during my one week in Bubulo, i had time to meet people and introduce myself to the new culture and the new environment. I even had time to meet the kids of Uganda and their gurdians at the orphanage(home). It was a warm and wonderfull feeling to finally have to meet the children that kids of Uganda organisation supports. In Bubulo and the whole of Manafwa, there is still a big need of support when it comes to childrens situation. Maybe i can visit the foster families as well one day, i know this too would be wonderful, I am looking forward to that soon.

The election had been held during the time I came to Uganda and therefore had difficulties in reaching all members of the Ugandan Board. But now everything is solved and I have met almost everyone. And those challenges that i faced before, they are now fixed and solved since the day I moved to Mbale. I commute every morning with Krystyn from Mbale to Bubulo where the organisation office is based.

Very exciting journey on this blogg is ahead of us so keep updating. I am in love with the place and in love with this opportunity of coming to Uganda and contribute to the work concerning our children!

All is Well!