Who we are

Kids of Uganda
”We believe in sustainable investments for long-term change”

Kids of Ugandas mission is to give vulnerable children a brighter and safer future. We do so by supporting the local community with self-help tools and opportunities to create long-term change, and thus create a stable, safe environment for the children to grow up in.

The organisation focuses on a family support program, aiming to give families the tools needed to make sustainable investments that secure a long-term income. Additionally, we organise workshops and carry out specific projects to benefit the local community.

Our values

Long-term focus

We help develop the local society in a sustainable way by giving vulnerable families basic, fixed-term support. Our staff provides education and advice to ensure that the families use the grant to investments that remain. With our help people are transforming into successful entrepreneurs that can sustain a safe family economy.

Responsible support

All work we do is done in consultation with key people in the local community. We always hire local companies and buy locally produced goods from local traders. We want to support the Ugandan economy, not slow it down by, for example, bringing in donated goods from abroad that compete with and harm local trade.

Children’s rights first

Promoting children’s rights is a key part of our work. Meaning we always consider the best interests of the child in order to give them security, love and a brighter future. By ensuring that all children we support go to school, we help them grow up to become successful, strong individuals.



Our main goal is to give vulnerable children a loving and safe upbringing. The foundation of that is making sure that the children stay with family or relatives who love and care for them.



Our staff give parents education and coaching to make sustainable, long-term investments (e.g. start a restaurant, open a shop or invest in cattle). However, the families decide for themselves where the money goes, which allows them to develop into successful entrepreneurs and thus contribute to a healthy financial development locally. Additionally, we arrange workshops in e.g. health care, HIV, female empowerment and personal finance.



The family support program is set to five years, with financial support during the first two. During this time the families get the tools and help to find and create an everyday that ensures a long-term, sustainable source of income. After the first two years the support continues in the shape of home visits and coaching.

How can I support Kids of Uganda?


As a sponsor you support a specific vulnerable family and get continuous updates about their development in our program. The financial support runs for two years, followed by another three years of coaching.

For me?

Suitable if you’d like to take on a longer commitment and follow how your support truly improve the lives of a family.


250 SEK or 500 SEK per month


Email Wictoria Trei with the subject ’Become a sponsor’ and she’ll shortly return with additional information about the program and payment options.

Email Wictoria to sign up


A one year long membership with Kids of Uganda gives you continuous insight into the organisation and the ability to participate in our membership events, as well as the yearly board meeting.

For me?

Suitable if you’d like to make a smaller contribution and still gain insight into the organisation and its development.


100 SEK per year


Buy it in our webshop or email Amie Karlsson with the subject ’Become a member’ and she’ll return with payment options and a proof of membership.

Email Amie to sign up


In our webshop you can buy a range of gifts that really make a difference. Small things, such as medicine, a bag of beans or school supplies that goes straight to the families we support.

For me?

Suitable if you’d like to take to make a one-off contribution, or find the perfect gift for a birthday or holiday.


From 100 SEK and up

Webshop (In Swedish)


Every little helps and makes a difference in the lives of our children. You can easily support with an amount of your choice (once, or at a monthly basis) through bank transfer or Swish.

For me?

Suitable if you’d like to be flexible in when and how much you decide to contribute with. From big to small.


All up to you

Payment options

Swedish transfers

Swedbank: 8156-2 923 418 200-5
Bankgiro: 859-8542
Swish: 123 326 81 90


International transfers

Account owner: Kids of Uganda
IBAN: SE71 8000 0815 6292 3418 2005


Please mark the payment with ”Support Kids of Uganda”


Amie Karlsson


Mail: info@kidsofuganda.com
Phone: +46 73 813 59 54


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