The Ugandan mother

The Ugandan mother

On Sunday 26th of May it’s Swedish Mothers Day and we want to emphasize the Ugandan mother and her role in the family and in the Ugandan society. Ugandan mothers are some of the most hardworking mothers. Most of the women in Kids of Uganda’s Family Support Program are single mothers, and these mothers are able to send their children to school and provide for their daily basic needs. Mothers in Uganda have more responsibilities than the men of the house. When I asked about what makes the Ugandan mother special the most popular reply was that the Ugandan mother is an independent woman that works hard to ensure the wellbeing of her family and spreads happiness in a home with her love and support. The Ugandan mother is viewed as a symbol of strength because there is no task she cannot complete when determined.


Ugandan mothers are viewed as the glue that holds the family together. When we asked Ugandan children to speak on what makes their mother special, the reply was “my mother is not just my mother, she is also my teacher, nurse and friend, she is always there when I need her most and that’s why our bond is unbreakable”. In Uganda it is said that a Ugandan mothers love is shown through actions and not materialistic objects.


A regular day for a mother in Bubulo begins at 5:00 am. She wakes up very early to prepare the children for school and then leave for work. By 10:am they return home and tend to the choirs at home and prepares lunch. After lunch it’s time to go back to work or tend to other duties.


Because of high teenage pregnancy rates many Ugandan mothers enter motherhood at an early age and must learn about responsibilities very early and that’s why they considered as survivors. A Ugandan mother will do anything from cleaning homes as a maid to selling tomatoes on the street so that she can put food on the table. She is the family’s backbone.


Happy mothers day to all the fabulous mothers out there!

/Maria, Intern